A scent of Greece by Tomy Karaiskos

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“A scent is a memory.” I am so happy to introduce you a new launch by iamtomyk “Scents of Greece” candles, starring 3 of the most traditional Greek aromas: Mastiha, Aniseed & Lemongrass.
Take a piece of Greece with u back home..


Tomy is unique talented graphic designer with a very elegant and fine aesthetic. His creativity and non stop passion for pursuing perfection led him to collaborations such as PINKO and WovenStyle in London.


Enjoy some of his creations and if you need to renew your house or wardrobe with some fresh prints I highly recommend him to you.





I just ordered my ‘Scents of Greece’ Mastiha and I am so looking forward my very British house to start smelling with such a Greek essence!


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